July 30th, 2012

Not to beat the horse to death, but i'm gonna say this anyways

I'm not even sure if someone is going to see this post anyways, since well, i'm not active, but I thought i would post this anyways since it's my journal.

I'm sure if you're into kpop at all, you know what has happened to 2pms Nichkhun (I know, old news already). I'm not going to get into too much detail as things i seem to have died down a little.

Both sides have apparently been found to be at fault for the accident. The police seem to think that if they had stopped when they were supposed to, the accident wouldn't have happened.

So there you have it folks. Both parties are responsible and will have to face whatever consequences police seem fit.

There is one note I like to send to my fellow Hottest's though, specifically the ones who have been a bit ignorant about this situation.

While I believe it's okay to support the person and not the condone the action, we must not sweep it under the rug. It kinda annoys me when some of you seem to have failed to realize that he was being irresponsible either way you look at it. He should have stopped and he was over the legal limit. We can't argue about those facts. Yes, he was barley over the legal limit, but it could have been worse and though he wasn't speeding, he should have stopped. Let this not only be a lesson to him, but a lesson to us that while our idols made errors in choice/mistakes, we shouldn't always just overlook them.

Either way though, I'm glad to motorcyclist is okay and will recover. Nichkhun is human and he's doing what all humans do: Recognize our mistakes, take responsibility, apologize and learn from it. Both sides can finally move on from it now right?

Anyways, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Everyone is starting to move on, and so will I.

2pm and Nichkhun and Motorcyclist Fighting!